Monday, December 29, 2014


Baby It's Cold Outside - Cute Video!

I hope you are all enjoying the Holidays! Be careful as you travel and stay warm, because, Baby it's Cold Outside!

If your heart catches a chill, it might become Frozen! We all know that "Only an act of true love can thaw a frozen heart." That act of love could be from a potential romantic partner or the caring embrace of a sister. In the Disney movie Frozen, Idina Menzel played animated Elsa who had freezing powers that caused some trouble that eventually got reversed by sisterly love. In the video for her Duet with Michael Buble singing the classic "Baby It's Cold Outside" we see an 11 year old girl playing the video part for Idina with an equally young suitor. In either case, the singing is superb!

Emily Carey (Twitter: just turned 11 last April but she already had acting experience before cast for the female lead in this video. The British child actor was in the plays Shrek The Musical and The Sound Of Music. Last month, she began playing a role in Casualty, a Medical Emergency show on the BBC. Watch as she dances and lip syncs to Idina's voice, and charms her young partner played by Harry Collett, schoolboy and actor (Twitter:

Happy New Year, and Stay Warm; its Cold Outside!

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I just now watched this cute video. "Oh to be young and carefree" Both Emily and Harry, looked like they had so much fun doing this video. The lip sync was SPOT ON with both of them. The mirror image, of them being adults, was cute too. I wish you both many wonderful years of acting.

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