Thursday, January 22, 2015


What I Like About You - Then and Now

One of the coolest dance tunes of the 80s is back on the radio! "What I Like About You" was originally recorded by The Romantics, and has been recently covered by Five Seconds Of Summer. Here are both videos along with some trivia about the song!

The Romantics are a Rock / New Wave band from Detroit. They called themselves The Romantics because they started the band on Valentine's Day. Although this song became a staple of dance clubs in the 80's, it was recorded as a single in 1979. The lead singer of this song is the band's drummer, which is quite rare. Although the song is strongly guitar driven with massive power chords, the middle break features a harmonica, much like early Beatles songs like Love Me Do. Although some think the lyrics are "Keep on whispering in my ear" the actual lyrics are "Phone whispering in my ear". Before that, the words are, "Tell me I'm the only one, wanna come over tonight." She is not with him at the time, she is telling him this on the phone, apparently in a whisper. Further evidence appears in a very similar sounding song from the same album - The Romantics self titled first album. This other song is titled, "When I Look In Your Eyes" (video here) in which we find the lyrics, "When I get you alone, its so much different from the telephone" at the 1:34 mark.

Here is the official video for What I Like About You, on TheRomanticsVEVO channel. Get up and dance!

What I Like About You was huge at Rock Dance Clubs but never a big radio hit when it came out in the US. However, it went to #2 on the charts in Australia. Now, the Australian band Five Seconds Of Summer has covered the song What I Like About You, and it is a fairly big hit on the radio. The band, also known as 5SOS, is in competition with One Direction for young fans, especially girls, but they rock a bit harder than One Direction. 5SOS sing the lyric "Keep on whispering in my ear" which is incorrect as stated above. But it is not uncommon to change some lyrics when covering a song.

Check out the new pop rock version of The Romantics classic dance rock hit. Listen for the different lyric and the middle guitar break. Dance dance dance!

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