Saturday, October 17, 2015


Monster! How should I feel?

Nine summers ago, sisters Meg and Dia Frampton released a video for their song "Monster" which would come to have over 2 million views in time. This alt rock tune is full of guitars and pounding drum beats, but it was the sweet pouty words of the chorus that would become immortal in the dubstep dance community:

Monster! How should I feel? Creatures lie here; looking through the window!

In the video, there is much jumping around, as someone's living room gets totally trashed! Watch and bang your head!

Four years ago, out comes the video for the DotEXE Dubstep Remix of Monster. It takes the sweet version of the chorus, not the more aggressive version from the original song, and adds adds all the dubstep accouterments that turned this into a major dance tune! The chorus gets repeated for nearly four minutes and the video views keep piling up to over 40 million! You've heard it, but listen again!

Three years ago, the Nightcore community got a hold of Monster! Nightcore music is the manipulation of an original song which speeds it up about 25%. The result is a chipmunk sound effect and it increases the calories burned as you dance to it! This version was always on the playlist this summer at the worlds best parties! Now its the Fall but it's still in my head! Monster! How should I feel? Not tired yet!

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