Wednesday, June 22, 2016


Steemit - New Social Network, Post to Earn!

First there was MySpace, then there was Facebook. Now, there's Steemit!

Are you on Facebook? How about Reddit? Maybe Google Plus? Are you sharing your thoughts and photos with your friends and the world? Do you get paid for this? Sure, you get to use the service for free, and that's great! But suppose you could do the same thing you are now doing on Facebook, but earn money for doing it?

Steemit is a brand new social network that is very similar to Facebook and Reddit. You can write posts, which can contain pictures or videos. Others comment. They can also "Like" your post and comments, by up voting them. The most up voted content rises to the top and becomes more visible.

Since Steemit is just getting started, they are encouraging new people to join, by really paying well for introduction posts. Just go there, sign up using your Facebook or Reddit account, post something interesting about yourself, use the tag #introduceyourself, include a nice eye catching picture of yourself, and watch the value of your post rise!

You will see a number under your post, showing it's estimated value in dollars. Half that amount is yours! The other half is split between up voters and commenters. The money is paid out in Steem Dollars and Steam Power. Steam Dollars are about equal to a US Dollar. You can convert Steem Dollars to Steem, Steem to Bitcoin, and Bitcoin to US Dollars. Steem Power increases the percentage of the money you get from your up voting and commenting.

I've been on Steemit for about a week now, and it's fun! I made a few posts and 2 did well. Their value is well over $1000. I have made friends there and read lots of good articles. One of the most interesting members on steemit is stellabelle. She writes interesting articles about some of the crazy things that have happened in her life. She is very random and you'll never be able to guess what she will post about next! She is also on YouTube.

If you're wondering where the money to pay the members comes from, have a look at this article on Steemit:

On July 4th, Steemit will be doing their first payout. After that, payouts happen daily. NOW is the time to get there and get the big payouts. This is like the early days of YouTube, the site is very exciting! Lots of people join every day. Welcome them, upvote their posts if you like them. As I said above, write your own intro post and get involved!

Questions? Ask in the comments or email me!

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Steemit is growing more popular as time goes by. I have read and even commented on quite a few that are interesting to me. There are a great number of topics. But, like all fairly new sites, there are minor issues coming up. With ideas being tossed in there, hopefully something will work out for the best.
Maybe some day, I too will be a steem blogger. Until then, I will keep to commenting and upvoting on authors I like.

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