Thursday, June 16, 2022


Honest Guides Janek and Honza, with 1.1 Million Subscribers! (Part ONE)

We're back! Here's a new 2022 post from Guest blogger Anna! A few years back, she interviewed The Silver Spoons band known for their trippy 60s inspired song, Tainted Coulors. Earlier, Anna did a review of a cool fusion, progressive rock, folk band called Profusion. Today, Anna writes about the Honest Guides channel who are Janek and Honza, Prague based journalists!

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Anna writes about Honest Guides

A protective policeman, a trailblazing tour-guide, an exemplary environmentalist, an investigative journalist, a remarkable reporter, creating law and order, a knight battling corruption, a nitpicker of Trdelnik consumption. A guerilla gardening superhero, shaping his surroundings and our consciousness; a fearless firefighter, a time-traveler, a street philosopher, a veracious vlogger, a humble hero, a role model, a trustworthy teacher, a contagiously proactive world citizen, a fisherman of lime scooters and old weaponry, an innovative activist, a frugal pacifist, a "racoon" wrecking humanist, a magnificent documentarist... Just like a lot of superheroes, Janek Rubeš from the Honest Guide, comes with his side-kick and friend and cinematographer Honza Mikulka. They complete each-other like Gulas and Knedlik, you can't have one without the other.

      They use their well-deserved reach of 1.1 Million subscribers to leave golden footprints and have effectively shaped both the physical Czech and the digital Landscapes, in a smart, self-less, courageous, inspiring way: unafraid to get their hands dirty or being attacked or spat at by street scammers in the process. On the Honest Guide, which features travel Tips mainly revolving around Czechia, Crooks and shady schemes are being exposed: ranging from overcharging Taxi Drivers, dodgy ATM machines, Mafia owned Ham Vendors, fraudulent call-in TV games, glow-in-the-dark-Balloon sellers, shady individuals collecting for charity, pretending to have disabilities, to greedy Exchange Booths and dubious Hotels. As a Japanese Proverb goes: a single arrow, may be easily broken but not ten in a bundle. Ultimately, a real influencer should ideally unite his viewers to take positive action!

      With his nobility, compassion, his strong moral compass, his intuition and most important of all, without taking himself too seriously in the process, Janek manages to do so. Although the channel is as multifaceted as his list of achievements, a politician's dream, it is challenging to choose three videos to represent the quality of the honest guide. We decided to pick three Videos based on a progression we see but also because the idea was deeply moving and a wonderful example of community strength.

In this Video Janek talks about planning to crowdfund "The LARGEST (memorial) BELL" for Prague. Over time, it should collect money to replace the 9801 Bells, that went missing during the two world wars. After having successfully replaced the Bell of the baroque Saint Havel and naming it after Saint Nepomuk, who used to be a priest there, the progressive guides are still trying to come up with a full concept to successfully tackle the damage that the Czech lands have suffered through the pillages of the two World Wars.

You can find part TWO of this post on our blockchain based blog, right here!


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