Wednesday, September 13, 2006


YouTubeStars News 9-13-06 Lonelygirl15 is Jessica Rose!

Lonelygirl15 revealed!
Yesterday, the news broke that Lonelygirl15 (Bree) is not a real person. She is a character played by an actress named Jessica Rose. SiliconValleyWatcher found her myspace which had pics, and also a photobucket account. According to her myspace, Jessica is 19, lives in California, is in a relationship, and is straight. The myspace account is now set to private, but a copy of the page from March 2006 was found in the Google cache.

Watch this video by mgpapas, then read more about this at the lonelygirl15 wikipedia page.

If you can't see the video above, watch it at YouTube.

Renetto's contests - results
Popular YouTuber, Renetto, has been conducting two popular contests. He decided to give away 100 webcams to 100 YouTube members who don't have webcams. He asked people to make a video by borrowing a camera or making a slideshow with Windows Movie Maker, telling why they should get a camera. Here is the latest news on this contest.

Renetto also hosted a contest in which he would choose one YouTube member to have their video shown on his account, thereby generating a lot of views for that person. The winner of that contest is PeriUrban and the video he posted on Renetto's page is here. It is of PeriUrban playing his guitar and singing. PeriUrban has a very nice voice!

More YouTube Stars on Riffage
I mentioned in my last news post that Boh3m3 (Ben) and Kimberleigh have joined Jacci (FilthyWhore) in making video reports on and the Riffage YouTube account. Now, Paperlilies (Bryony, see "Geisha Girl") , Tasha (of "hey clip" fame), and Morbeck have also made Riffage report videos. Check them out!

Morbeck's Hottest of 2006 contest
Three weeks ago, Morbeck made a video to announce the top 5 female and top 5 male YouTube members who had entered his "The Hottest of YouTube 2006 Contest". The top male was AericWinter (his entry) and the top female was LadyLancer2 (her entry). We are in the process of interviewing AericWinter. The interview will be posted here soon!

Shesnotproana interviewed
Envisionthestorm, Sean, has interviewed shesnotproana on his website. Read it and learn of her battle with Anorexia. Also see our post that mentions eniwekwe and her video on the physical devastation of Anorexia.

Remember to send in your pic to our YouTubeStars Photo Gallery! We now have 26 pics.
Also, if you want to see a YouTube member's entire profile (YouTube cuts part of it off!), use this online utility.

Read our last news report here.


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