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Daxflame - YouTubeStar!

Here we go again! YouTube is experiencing another Real/Fake debate over Daxflame, an alleged 15 year old socially awkward young man who vblogs, often emotionally, sometimes in a dinner jacket. Daxflame, who claims that his real first name is Bernice, debuted this week in the Top 100 Weekly Chart at number 73 with 8798 subscribers! Dax just joined YouTube on January 2nd of this year and he already has uploaded 43 videos, most of them are what he calls "video diaries". Have a look at these four video diary episodes and decide for yourself - is this a socially awkward young man who sometimes has a fit, or is this a talented actor with writers and a crew? Is Dax real or is he following in the footsteps of Lonelygirl15, LittleLoca and the Emo Kids?

My First Video Diary Entry

In this first video, Daxflame introduces himself and talks about his real name, Bernice. Although he stumbles over his words, he does appear somewhat confident about himself. Look at the tags he chose for this video: diary video blog teenager boy human cool very handsome. The video has almost 60 thousand views and almost 200 comments including: "That was hilarious! I love it!", "You are so cute.", "ur a good actor man keep putting up them movies." and "GOD I WANNA PUNCH U IN THE FACE".

If you can't see the video above, watch it on YouTube.

Second Blog Entry: I will befriend Jacob.

In the second Daxflame video, we are introduced to the Jacob character. Jacob is featured in many of the early Dax vids. In the video description, Dax says that there's "a little bit of a plot twist in the last 6-7 seconds." In the video, Dax ends by saying that "you gotta take a risk sometimes." At the 21 second mark, Dax mentions that Jacob has a girlfriend. Now, some commenters have theorized that Dax is romantically interested in Jacob, but it's clear that Dax knows from the start that Jacob likes girls. So is this "risk" about trying to start a romantic relationship with Jacob, is it about making new friends in general, or is it about the risk of putting out a new show on YouTube?

If you can't see the video above, watch it on YouTube.

Third Video Diary Entry: I blew it!

Dax starts out this third episode calmly enough, but he comes completely unhinged by the end of the film. Is this a very strange comedy or a wierd but true tale of teenage awkwardness?

If you can't see the video above, watch it on YouTube.

Sixteenth video diary entry: The best Friday EVER!!!

Jumping ahead in the series, we'll end this look at the Dax man with a totally strange comedy/mania performance/episode. It's really two videos in one. It starts with Dax pouring Hershey's chocolate syrup on his face and ends with Dax stuffing lots of Orbit gum in his mouth. If you appreciate this kind of comedy, check out the rest of Daxflame's videos. You might want to start with the recent I bit my orthodontist's finger off!, or the one that YouTube recently featured and now has almost a half million views: Video diary entry 32: TAPE FACE!

If you can't see the video above, watch it on YouTube.

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Daxflame is very interesting and very unique. You watch his videos and makes you think and wonder about him. Is he a teenager with some medical problems or is he a great actor.I don't know myself but I will keep on watching his interesting videos. I first saw Daxflame's videos and V-blogs on YouTubeStar, which is a great website, filled with great videos and V-blogs by very talented people. Don't forget to check out YouTubeStar.

Everyone go to for my video that proves Madison Patrello is a fake!

lol, oh youtube, how you amuse me so.

I think that Dax is the real deal. Having watched almost all of his postings, I do not believe for one minute that he is putting on an act. Based on observations of his actions in his videos, I believe that he may be autistic. Raising a child on the autistic spectrum, I am familiar with the signs: flinger flapping, constant movement and odd body posture, inappropriate reactions (laughing at the wrong time), impulsivity (the "pee fight"), meltdowns/crying, etc.

I also believe that he is trying to reach out and form connections with people by using the web to his advantage. He is obviously intelligent and knows his way around the computer and web. He displays a good sense of humor and, judging from his video postings, he is gaining self-confidence. What he is doing is great and should be applauded rather than vilified by those who leave negative comments.

If Dax happens to read this post, I hope that I do not offend him in any way. That is not my intention. In a short time, I have become a huge Dax fan and will continue to watch his videos and encourage him.

He is definitely acting, and acting well. If you look at his first few videos, then look at his most recent videos, such as Dax Flame interviews Lisa Nova or Three Guys in a Hotel by Smosh, you can see that, however slightly, his awkwardness changes.

A suggestion: Look at the interviews with Lisa Nova and the 'Three Guys in a Hotel' movie. Why not just contact the users 'Lisa Nova' and 'smosh' and ask them whether daxflame is playing a role? Obviously, they know him personally! To me, that looks like probably the most promising way to find out who he really is. It's the most obvious and easiest thing to do if you want an answer.

Did anyone notice in the Chocolate syrup vodeo, when he gets it all over his face he randomly pulls out a fresh clean napkin? I don't think very many people keep napkins in their rooms... It must be staged.

Dax Flame IS real.
He has autism. His doctor suggested that he create a video blog each day, and someone convinced him to put it on youtube.
There's no acting about it, and he truly is an amazing kid.

The videos on MySpace's daxflamerevealed are no longer running. Looks like we'll never know. I have worked with autistic children and the behavioral similarities are amazing. Including dramatic changes in behavior that can be mistaken for a change in 'acting characters', but are in fact real behavioral shifts.
Or there is someone extremely clever behind it all.

I Wonder whats its lke in his town when ppl see him

...autistic or not, i love him!!

I live in McKinney, Texas, and was looking at a McKinney Boyd yearbook and saw "Dax" as you all call him. His name is like, Theodore something, I forgot, but he acts completely normal all of the time except for when he does his Daxflame videos. He's a fake! Is this getting through to any of you?

I can't stand it when ignorant people jump to conclusions about things they don't understand. If you've never been around someone with autism then don't dare venture a guess on this one because you show yourself for a fool. Leave the kid alone. He shows classic charactoristics of autism and he is coping in his own way.

Well if you watch the videos from youtube live you will see him interacting with others and he is out of the "daxflame" character. So, yes, he is just an actor.

while he is great to watch the way he changes from talking strangely on the first few vids he changes completely later on- his style of talking changes and even his accent. while many could say this is just him growing up i think he is just a very talented actor that has established a character.
all the same keep it up! :D

He goes to my high school, McKinney Boyd. He is just a normal guy. He just does not like you calling him his character name in school.

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