Tuesday, July 01, 2008


Fred - YouTubeStar!

Fred is Number Four this week on the YouTube Top 100 Weekly Chart! All the kids are subscribing because they love his vids. Since he's so popular with the younger crowd, I decided to let my 10-year-old niece and her friend write this review.

Hi, this is Ashley and Kadeeja. We like Fred. All the kids in our grade watch his videos. We like him because he is stupid but funny at the same time. We like his voice and when he sings.

In Fred Stalks Judy the best part is when Fred takes the photos of himself for Judy.
It was funny because he was doing all of his photos in slow motion also because he was doing weird photo poses. Also another funny part in Fred Stalks Judy was when Fred goes into Judy’s house and then goes into her room and looks at her stuff. So I really liked Fred stalks Judy and thought it was great.
Fred Stalks Judy

Made by: Fred
Rating: 4.62
Views: 3741598
Comments: 24796
Category: Comedy

In Fred Loses His Meds it is funny because he kept saying he needed his meds and was freaking out. Also he went outside when there was a thunderstorm and people were supposed to be inside. But then he went inside screaming and looking for his meds because he said he was addicted to them and he needed them. Then his mother came home and said she took his meds on accident, and then he took his meds and was all better.
Fred Loses His Meds

Made by: Fred
Rating: 4.65
Views: 5608589
Comments: 34904
Category: Comedy

In Fred on May Day it is really funny because he laughs like an evil dude. Also he gives Judy (Fred’s lover) his mom's used underwear. Also it was funny because he sings in each video and trys to hit a high note.
Fred on May Day

Made by: Fred
Rating: 4.63
Views: 3670804
Comments: 22521
Category: Comedy

In Fred Meets Bertha it is really really funny because he said when he was waiting for his mom outside a bar and then gangsters ganged up on Fred and then Fred said hay nobody messes with Fred so back off. Also it is funny because Bertha kissed Fred and Bertha told Fred to do bad things like throw a beer bottle at someone car.
Fred Meets Bertha

Made by: Fred
Rating: 4.57
Views: 1625729
Comments: 16255
Category: Comedy

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