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Country Girls

I hope you're all having a wonderful Holiday Season! It's a busy time of year, but take a minute to watch these four videos. You'll see and hear four future Country Music Stars! Each of these young ladies has talent in singing and in playing the guitar. They are building a fanbase on YouTube so listen and Subscribe!

First, The News! What happened to YsabellaBrave? That's what her staunchest fans are asking on her website's Message Board. Here are the facts. Earlier this month, YsabellaBrave's music channel and her talk channel were suspended. Ysabella, a.k.a. MaryAnne, is one of the most popular singers on YouTube. The 29 year old, living in San Francisco, rose up the Top 100 Chart last year, peaking in the 20s back in the Spring of 2007. Although no longer in the Top 100, she had 35,636 Subscribers on December 7th, 2008. MaryAnne's popular covers of pop songs from the 1930s through more modern times, along with her original songs, led to discussions with Warner Brothers. MaryAnne recently said, "I was at one time signed with Warner until I dissolved my contract with them (which was incredibly difficult to do). I do not know if the issue youtube is having with Warner has any relevance to what happened to my channels or not." She refers to the recent order by Warner Music Group to YouTube that resulted in all Warner artists' music videos being removed from the site. This has also effected bands such as Red Hot Chili Peppers.

MaryAnne has had other troubles lately. It is said that she suffers from a chronic health concern and also lost her job in December. Even with all this, she left this positive post on her site on Christmas, "Merry Christmas and God bless us, every one!!!" If you would like to donate to MaryAnne, here is a link to her PayPal page. She has provided many hours of pleasure to her fans. Please consider giving something back to MaryAnne, I did!

Now, The Videos!

Rachel Farley is a young singer with a voice that sounds like it comes from someone with years of singing history. She HAS been singing since she was 5, but she still sounds older than 13! Here's a video from Rachel in which she tells us about herself and her music. Be sure to listen to her Heidi Newfield cover of "Johnny and June" and her most recent video featuring an original song, "Country Christmas."

Rachel Farley Vid Sig ...SEE WHO RACHEL REALLY IS! :)
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Made by: rachelfarleymusic
Rating: 4.60
Views: 377
Comments: 8
Category: Music

Now you can see the personality behind the music! Hope you like it! ;)

Savannah Berry is also 13 and also is a talented singer. She just started playing guitar but is already quite good at it! Here she is, on stage singing the Dolly Parton classic, "Jolene." Also watch her Hanna Montana cover of "I Miss You" from a year ago and her most recent vid "Probably Wouldn't Be This Way."

Savannah Berry - Jolene cover (Dolly Parton)
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Made by: SavannahSings
Rating: 5.00
Views: 583
Comments: 6
Category: Music

Savannah Berry singing Jolene by Dolly Parton

We've been writing about TiffanyJoAllen here since the Spring of 2007. I was one of her first 10 subscribers! Now, she has over 52 Thousand Subscribers and 12,123,215 Total Video Views! Tiffany Jo is 16 and has become quite a popular YouTubeStar! In this video, she is interviewed by the YouTraxTV team. be sure to also watch her "Santa Baby" video. She just uploaded it last week and it already has about a Quarter Million views! You can download an MP3 of the song for FREE on her website!

Youtrax.TV Show 3 Interview with Tiffany Jo Allen

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Made by: YouTraxTV
Rating: 5.00
Views: 51
Comments: 1
Category: Music

Description: We are your home for song makeovers as well as featured Youtube artists. We also offer tips and tricks and tutorials on home studio recordings. On the "Best Of" we offer segments from our regular half hour shows so you can get a feel of what the show is all about. On this segment we interview the beautiful and talented Youtube artist Tiffany Jo Allen. If you like it and want to see or download the full episode in full resolution and stereo then please go to our web site linked above and subscribe to the show. And please subscribe here as well and remember to tell all your friends that you've been discovered, and as always ...stay tuned....

Celeste is a teenage singer who has already tasted success. She's been on Radio Disney and has sung on stage with the Jonas Brothers and Hanna Montana! Here is a preview of an original song called "Granddaddy's Island" which will soon be available on iTunes! Be sure to also watch her great cover of Shania Twain's "That Don't Impress Me Much" from last Spring, and the Preview of her other new original song, "My Jeans" from last week.

Granddaddy's Island
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Made by: Celestemusic5
Rating: 4.86
Views: 200
Comments: 34
Category: Music

Preview of Grandaddy's Island (original song)
Artist - Celeste
Produce by - Andrew Lane
Written by - Celeste, Andrew Lane and Chris Burgess
Copyright 2008
Available on Itunes February 2008

Hope you guys like it and thanks for watching!!!

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