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Anna writes about Gurus, part 2

This post is Part Two of Anna's reviews of YouTube Gurus. Here, she discusses Makeup Geishas. Part One featured a review of videos by NosebleedBaby, a German woman who does unique and interesting makeup tutorials.

Anna's YouTube channel is Annaconda1984.

Visit her channel and watch some of the 224 videos she has uploaded. Anna has over 18 Thousand Subscribers and about 1,389,264 Total Video Views!

My favorites include Anna's singing duet with KrisShred and her compilation with 18 YouTubers reciting The Raven by Poe.

Anna's article is below...

But first, The News!

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Now, here is Anna's article!

Editorial Fashion Makeup is the type of Maquillage used for Photo Shoots, something most people would not wear on a daily basis. In the second Part of the Article we are going look at creative variations of the same theme; elegant for a photo shoot yet at the same time wearable for Halloween or at other costume events.

A motif that has inspired people all around the world to come up with their own eye catching interpretations, is the Geisha or in japanese, the entertainer.

For some of you a Geisha is a tasty chocolate bar with creamy filling wearing an elegant coat of pink wrapping paper. Others may have read the book, seen the film "The Memoirs of a Geisha" or watched a documentary or two. So what is a Geisha, some of you who have not, might ask? According to the Oxford dictionary, a Geisha is a Japanese hostess trained in entertaining men with dance and song; the word gei meaning art while the word sha means doer or person. It can also mean a japanese prostitute but there are debates about that.

It all started in Kyoto, the former capital of Japan (for more than a thousand years up to 1868) and still the center of the Geisha tradition. Maikos, virgin girls, sometimes even as young as 6 years of age, were trained to become Geishas over 5 years. One of the beauty ideals was paleness, which might have been inspired by the european travelers. Common characteristics of this look are a chalky face, doll like lips, usually not the entire lips but just the central part is painted red while the rest is painted white.

Here are some creative interpretations of the look.

In the Geisha Halloween Tutorial, MichellePhan uses fake orchids to decorate her face. She adds pink and amber around the eyes, which to me make her look like the daughter a “magibon” eyed anime character and a fairy. The look is soft and very feminine, it feels like cherry blossom spring in Japan. The fact that she painted her entire lips rather than just the center, adds to the innocent seem of the appearance.

See for yourself:

The Modern Geisha by Nosebleedbaby seems stricter than the previous one because the jet black drawn on eyebrows are directed like one would normally frown. However, having no movement in them and the changed location of the brows sort of make this Geisha seem like she’s from another planet or maybe the future. The direction and colors in the chopsticks in her chignon is repeated in the look: the eyebrows, the lines drawn around the eyes. There’s a bit of green in them and she is emerald eyed, there’s the little black fan in her hair with white kanji flowing elegantly with the chalky visage and the darkness around her eyes. The different lines in her makeup and hair, make this MIKADO Geisha out of the three. Angelique decided to stick to the bee stung lips of a traditional Geisha, unlike Michelle.

This is how a Romanian girl finds inspiration in Asian Spring. In her makeup tutorial SeZeMakeup seems like a character from a play. She is holding an enormous peacock tail shaped fan of white with pink, that could easily pass as a wing. The overall look seems soft and is dominated by pink and white. Like Michelle she chose to use flowers.

in her tutorial, not orchids but cherries; in fact there are two branches with little white flowers growing on each cheek with the eyes as their pot or place of origin. It’s very symbolic. Those branches are drawn on meticulously and are elegant. Geishas painted their faces to hide traces of individuality, this one however has personality that pops out. It’s like the daughter of a pantomime artist and a porcelain doll has been woken up by spring and is dancing. Her kimono is subtle white with a pink belt around it.

like Nosebleedbaby, SeZeMakeup used repetition of color in her look. The lips remind me of those of a Geisha despite of being almost fully painted. They’re heart shaped in the center.

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