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Learn About Sex videos on YouTube

Did you know that you can learn about sex from videos on YouTube? Yes, you can learn things about sex, which is a serious matter that can affect your entire future life. If you decide to have sex and are not prepared, you may end up with a child and/or a disease!

At one time, you could learn about sex from your parents, sex education at school, a book, friends, etc. Now there are YouTube videos about sex that may be of some help to some people. It's probably still best to learn about sex from your parents or a medical person or a reliable book. However you learn about sex, make sure you are getting accurate information. Try to get accurate and reliable answers from multiple sources that all agree; then you can have confidence that you found the right answers.

Here are two videos each from Kicesie and TheWingGirls. Watch them and decide if you think they are giving good advice. You may want to use them as a point of discussion with your parents or a trusted friend or authority figure in your life. Remember, don't do anything you are not comfortable in doing; don't do anything just because you think everyone else is doing it; don't put yourself in a risky situation by mixing intoxicants and temptation; don't act without thinking of the consequences.

I wrote about Kicesie before, back in 2007. I did a post on Sex Videos on YouTube and mentioned her video called "Virginity Part 1". On November 4th of last year, I tweeted, "@Kicesie respects virgins who are waiting for the right time to have sex. We agree." Sex on YouTube post
She retweeted it, so it is safe to say she still feels the same way. There is nothing wrong with being a virgin. It is smart to wait until you think that it is the right time for you to have sex.

Here is Kicesie's recent video, in which she says she heard that 20% of guys think that if they have sex with a girl while she is standing up - that she can not get pregnant. A woman can get pregnant if she has sex in any position. Watch Kicesie and Karen (Spricket24) and you might learn something.

From the video's description:
Seriously.... I get questions from guys having sex that don't even know what an STD is. If you don't KNOW the logistics, don't do it. Once you do know, be responsible enough to avoid STDs and unplanned pregnancies.
If you hear a rumor about avoiding pregnancy that sounds a little crazy, it probably is. Research everything to make sure you're hearing it from a reliable source.

Here is a video Kicesie made to explain how she learned so much about sexuality. She asks, "How Did You Learn About Sex?" and there are over 1000 comments, so you can get an idea of how other people learned about sex.

The Wing Girls, Jet and Star, are just that - 2 girls who want to be "wing" persons - someone who is in your corner to give you advice on the opposite sex. In general, I like their concept of giving advice to men from a woman's perspective. Their approach is generally humorous and some of their advice is useful.

They seem to have variable messages - they are all over the place. Sometimes they validate conservative positions and other times they mock them. Sometimes they are serious but generally they are comedic and almost goofy. They classify themselves as improv and they do seem to be "winging it" although there is obviously a general script.

Their advice is Subjective, no evidence for Objective positions are given. This is the opposite of Kicesie. They give stories from experience rather than scientific results from studies. This lowers their credibility and questions the authority and accuracy of their advice.

Their content is somewhere more than PG-13 but maybe not quite R. These videos contain strong language so do not watch if that offends you. Several of their videos are flagged 18+ on YouTube for language. Here is a controversial video about oral sex. Is this good advice, or is this women telling you how to manipulate other women?

Here is something a little different - The Wing Girls get a guy friend to teach guys how to dance. "Maybe look a little bit stupid... as long as you look like you're having fun!"

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I learned about sex in my sex education class. JK. my sister had some friends who taught me. lol

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