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CelestialSam Writes About Jetty Rae


Our dear friend and popular guest blogger, the lovely CelestialSam (picture above)
is back with another interesting and insightful article! This time, Sam writes about Jetty Rae, a talented musician that she says brings to mind Regina Spektor.

Sam recently saw Jetty Rae live, along with musician A. Micah Adams. Here is a video Sam just made, about that show.

Below, we present Sam's thoughts about Jetty Rae, along with 2 very cool videos by Jetty Rae.

But first, The News!

This week's Featured Video on our Top 100 and Top 200 Charts is a music video that the entire family can enjoy! Steffi Ledbetter made this to show Berklee School of Music what she can do. It is an uptempo scat singing jazz rendition of the classic "I Got Rhythm" - a song composed by George Gershwin with lyrics by Ira Gershwin, published in 1930. Watch and hear a fun and different kind of music! Check out our Top 100 and Top 200 Charts of the Most Subscribed YouTube Channels every week!

Now, here is CelestialSam's article about Jetty Rae!

I met "Jetty Rae" at a quaint café in Monroe, Michigan last weekend beneath the most colossal full moon in nearly twenty years. A friend of mine, A. Micah Adams had invited me to his show, and I am ever-so-glad he did!

I'll admit to being absolutely thunderstruck by the power in this young lady's sweet, unadulterated and soulful voice as she, with unflagging intensity, sang to a café of predominantly empty tables. My heart sank as I thought about how rough and utterly discouraging it must be to stand up on that stage in relative stony silence before a handful of mostly indifferent strangers.

I watched as her faithful husband, Jason devotedly documented his wife's stellar performance from a front row seat with his camera off to the side, so as not to obscure anyone else's view of his beautiful wife.

Being that the café was so scarcely populated, I had little difficulty in approaching her after the show, and was afforded the great privilege of speaking to this gifted gal, that is of course, after she finished chatting with a little 8-year-old fan who had been listening attentively as she played.

In our brief, but amiable discourse, I lauded her lovely voice and confessed how she reminded me of Regina Spektor, the Russian-American Baroque pop artist. And when I expressed my dismay at the poor turnout, "Jetty Rae," beaming a mega-watt smile, responded with grace, and seemed genuinely grateful for such an "attentive audience" and the opportunity to perform without being cancelled last minute, as she had been some time ago when booked at the Blind Pig in Ann Arbor.

As she and her husband packed up, they gave me a free CD, which I accepted reluctantly, having no money with which to proffer my support. And with that, we exchanged a warm embrace and many well-wishes before departing, with the hopes of crossing paths once more on this terrestrial ball.

As I walked back to my car, I took a moment to glance down at the CD cover, and could not help but to smile at the matryoshka doll rendered there. It occurred to me that "Jetty Rae," like the Russian nesting doll, was just as beautiful on the inside as she appeared to be on the surface.

PS Jetty Rae has also entered the 2011 Fogers Jingle Contest with Dan Henig! Voting begins March 31st, and if you like what you hear, I encourage you to lend your support!

Here is another excellent video from Jetty Rae which has cultured cinematography and a metaphorically complex message. This is "Bad Apples Music Video by Jetty Rae."

CelestialSam has made many artful and entertaining videos over the years, including "Darkness on Her Cell Wall" and "Je ne veux pas travailler...". Recently, Sam has been vlogging. Enjoy "How I broke my clavicle..."

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It was awesome to meet you that night! Thank you for writing such a nice post about Jetty and we really hope to see you at another Jetty Rae show soon.

PS We checked out your youtube videos and poetry; very talented!

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