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cutiemish interview

Hi, readers! We have another great interview for you! This time, it's with cutiemish (previously mentioned here and here). Mishy is truely a YouTube Star! She's made 23 videos, has 1811 friends, 2279 subscribers, and her profile has been viewed 254,122 times! Her most watched video (Tetris on piano) has 523,667 views! I'd like to thank Mishy for doing this interview. She was very sweet throughout the process. She's really a very nice young lady!

Hi, cutiemish! Tell us a little about yourself, please.
well i'm Mishy, i'm 17 years old, i go to a grammar school, am in 6th form now (that's like college but u carry stay in the same secondary school) i'm studying crap subjects! i totally don't know what i wanna do in life, but i enjoy dancing, acting, having fun (of course), chilling out, just all the usual! my family's goin through a rough patch but it doesn't stop me from bein the happy crazy girl i am!

How did you first hear about YouTube?
from 1 of my friends which lives local but i met her online!

You are very popular on YouTube. Could you please comment on why you think you are so popular and how you feel about it?
hehe i don't really think i'm popular on YouTube! just well known! i guess its coz i'm chinese with a british accent and that i'm very animated! it's actually not that unique if u come to england! it just happens to be i'm sad enough to post videos on YouTube bein stupid hehe! it makes me feel great that i'm spreadin the news of BBCs (british born chinese).

There are some "haters" on YouTube who leave rude comments. How do you feel about the nasty commenters?
i just think its funny! coz they're just judging me by my videos, people can only see a certain side of me on the internet, they don't know me in real life so i just look past the nasty comments coz in some way i don't think they are real people! does that make sense!?

How have your friends and family reacted to your videos?
my friends think i'm stupid...nothing new there! my best friend has started recording lil vids on her phone dancing around and things and doing adverts! hehe and my family, well my uncle think it's really good that i'm puttin myself on the net, coz he wants me to make it big! my mum and brother think i'm weird, yeah nothing new there! hehe

You're an Elvis fan, so am I! How did you become an Elvis fan? What's your favorite Elvis song?
ahhhh Elvis *heart heart heart* tee hee i'm such a little schoolgirl when it comes to Elvis, well i dono, it just happened, how can you not love Elvis! he's so cute and romantic and his music is just so classic!!! i totally love "baby let me be, you're loving teddy bear, put a chain around me neck and leave me everywhere" yea, teddy bear! hehe xXx

How long have you been playing the piano? How often do you practice?
ermmm, piano... well since i was really little, i think about 6? yeah, and i practice whenever i want which happens to be pretty much every day, or every other day, depends if i'm at home! i go out a lot to socialize!

What else do you like to do in your free time, besides making videos?
well, if i'm stuck at home then i'd actually tidy the house.. wow that sounds really lame! but i practically live on my own so its gotta be done, and its not that i hate it! and if its a nice day outside, then i'd go to a cafe with my friend, chill out at my matey's house, go for an extremely long walk, like the other day i must of walked with my friend 8-10 miles!

If you could do it all over again, is there anything about your experiences with YouTube that you would change?
nope, none whatsoever. love me or hate me, accept me as i am!

What are your plans for the future?
well i'm planning on going to university to study media of some sort, i've started a modeling portfolio, so lets see if that takes me anywhere, i'm gonna be auditioning for a film with my friend in a few weeks time, so i might get into a film! hehe, become an actress! ah i'm not too good with making plans, i tend to go with the flow! xXx


This girl seems to be nice. Watched her videos~ shes cute!

This is pure narcissism! And a complete waste of time as well. I don't see what makes this girl so special, there are loads of talented people out there who can't make it and here is this girl making videos which are not entertaining, funny or smart. People actually enjoy this? Oh yes, it feels good to know that I'm surrounded by such stupidity!

Another cutiemish analysis is here:

wanna know how mish became popular?
Check out the links to her video.

Mishy herself said she liked the first story, so we made Another CutieMish article.

the reason she is so popular is because she's cute, funny at times, and doesn't care what she says as long as she's the one that said it. it's so simple and yet people seem to not understand that. whatever i don't really care just thought i should say something.

Cutiemish has been busy. She's all grown up now and making it big! So much has changed that I thought it was time for another article:

CATCHING UP WISH CUTIEMISH - books, email, and a movie!


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