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My First Video

Hello, readers. Guess what? I actually have a video on YouTube now! It features several nice members of the YouTube community. You will also hear me, but not see me, as I answer some questions about YouTube and YouTubeStars. Please have a look at the video and then read the story of how it came about.

About Kenny and YouTubeStars

If you can't see the video above, watch it on YouTube.

Here is the story behind the video:

One day, a few months back, I received a message in My Inbox on YouTube from FreeWingz. FreeWingz is one of the good guys of the YouTube community. He leaves positive encouraging comments on many videos and has collaborated on videos with several community members such as Singer/Song Writer Alan Williams (awilliams100) and Guitar Man J David B (jdavidb). FreeWingz has 11 videos of his own. I recommend that you watch his inspirational Free Wings video, which I wrote about, here.

In his message, FreeWingz said that he had a vision in his mind when he awoke that morning - a vision of a video in which I was being interviewed by members of the YouTube community. He said that he wanted to make that vision a reality by creating such a video. I agreed to make audio responses to the questions and FreeWingz set off to collect some questions from the community.

Soon, I received a list of 13 questions compiled by FreeWingz from four members of the YouTube community - Urgelt, AericWinter, VioletKitty411 and KwaiChi (Thank you all!). I wrote out a draft of my answers and rewrote them again over the course of a few days. Then I recorded myself reading my answers, and sent the audio file to FreeWingz for editing. You can hear me answering five of those questions in the video. I'll publish a few of the other questions and answers, below.

FreeWingz put a lot of time and effort into collecting video clips for this project, and in editing the video clips and my audio recording. Last week, I got a message from him saying that the video was done and ready to be uploaded to my channel. He put a private preview of it on his channel and sent me the link to it.

I didn't really know what to expect as I clicked the link. I knew that FreeWingz is a good man with a talent for mixing and editing, so I was confident that whatever I saw would be a quality piece of work. I was not disappointed! FreeWingz had recruited Urgelt to be the host of the video, providing background commentary and reading the questions for me. Urgelt was originally known and respected for his Healthy Eating series of videos (read more, here) and recently became widely known for his outstanding readings of poetryand short stories, most notably in his featured video, "The Cremation of Sam McGee". Urgelt did an excellent job as host! His insightful comments and soothing speaking voice add class and character to the video.

There are a few appearances in the video by members of the community. Each one is outstanding in its own way! First, AericWinter (read his interview) appears, to thank me. I'd like to thank him for his entertaining videos! Watch how he spends one interesting afternoon in his latest video.

Next on the video is a sweet appearance by SilentGirl and her mom, hotchinadoll. Mother and daughter are both beautiful! I wonder if it was a lucky fluke or part of FreeWingz' plan that this part of the video became the icon for it. I've been a huge fan of SilentGirl (read her interview) ever since she first appeared in LittleLoca's videos. And now her mom is making some fun and interesting films! Watch her very first video, here.

I really enjoyed SavannahLioness' clip in my video! This is 8 seconds of comic genius! I wrote about one of her videos, here, but you should also see her creative and entertaining movie, "The Thief Who Stole My Box". Come and chat with SavannahLioness (and me!) on

There's a new YouTube member named TheSpooneyOne who contributed a clip to my video. He nicely sums up what I try to do on this blog, YouTubeStars. I do report on the well known YouTube members but I also tell you about new and lesser known known members who are also making great videos. Spooney made a pretty humorous intro video, check it out!

Next comes a cool video montage of a whole bunch of YouTube members, provided by LouRyder. We also hear the surperb singing voice of Alan Williams (awilliams100), who wrote, played and sang the music in the background of the video. Hear more of Alan in his latest video, "I Will Never Go", which he wrote for his wife Becky when they got married. If you're into comedy, watch his "BEAVIS and BUTTHEAD Do YouTube - Episode 1" video!

Finally, there are closing credits with my voice answering the question, "I would like to know what about a video grabs you enough to feature the video?" Thanks for submitting the question, VioletKitty411! A big thanks to everyone who contributed to the video, watched the video and commented on the video!


Here are two questions and answers that did not make it into the video. The first question is from VioletKitty411 and the second is from Urgelt.

What kind of personality do you deem a "star"? In looking through your blog, it's not always the most popular users.
I write about popular members of YouTube but I also feature talented and/or eloquently expressive members who may have not yet become a well known 'toober. I look for confidence, or honest vulnerability. I look for effervescence, or genuine sadness. I look for those who use self-deprecating humor, or have abundant confidence. Basically, I look for people who are willing to share something deep inside themselves with the YouTube community.

Who are your top 3 favorite posters, and why?
I could list many more than three. But with that limit in mind, I'll mention three people who's videos I look forward to watching.

Darahgna, also known as Angharad, from Wales (read more, here). Her "Cooking with your Favorite Goth" video is the second video I ever saw on YouTube and it captured my attention. She displays a range of emotion and has a range of talents. She looks very different in each video and speaks in varying styles and accents. Almost every one of her videos have been creative and entertaining!

Littleloca and Silent Girl, who are Stevie Ryan and her cousin Monique (read more here). Loca has a rough exterior but a heart of gold. She pushes the boundaries and has almost crossed the line once or twice, in my opinion. But she does it in a humorous way. I think that being from New York City enables me to identify with her and the way people behave in large cities. I love the interaction between LL and SG, especially in the early episodes. They play off each other very well.

LonelyGirl15, now known to be Jessica Rose (read more here). The story is compelling from many different angles - naivete vs jadedness, authority vs the oppressed, religion vs science. Jessica is a talented actress who is able to convincingly play a shy teen. The story line has some interesting, almost Shakespearean attributes, and it's hard to predict exactly where they are going with this ceremony thread.


Cool website! Good work. Good resources here. Very nicely done. I will be back!
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