Monday, April 28, 2008


Comedy For Kids

If you are under 18, you've probably seen these four videos already.
This time, YouTubeStars presents four vids that the kids find very very funny! Each has millions of views, so it's obvious that people keep watching these and passing them around among their friends. Have a look, even if you're not a teenager anymore, and see if you find yourself laughing at these Comedies For Kids!

First, some News! Our buddy VenetianPrincess is in a contest. She recently wrote to say, "I am writing this email in hopes that you guys are willing to help me out here. I entered my video into a local contest to get to sing on a commercial that will be aired during the American Idol Finale in the Massachusetts and Rhode Island areas... Please vote for me by giving me five stars... Here is the link: You can find my video by scrolling down, my video is labled Jodie Rivera... I can't express how much I would appreciate your vote. Thanks so much!!!!!"

The kids of JKLproduction have created a character named Fred. Fred, a 6-year-old with a mom who has less than perfect parenting skills, is often out of control. Things get broken as his temper flares. In this video, Fred tells us about his Halloween experiences. If you like Fred, he's made his own channel! (Someone must love Fred - several of the Fred vids have over 4 million views!) Go subscribe to the new Fred channel!
Fred on Halloween

Made by: jklproduction
Rating: 4.73
Views: 4940527
Comments: 15810
Category: Comedy

Heyyy, Charlie! Everyone must have seen Charlie The Unicorn by now - it has over 22 Million views! Sarcastic Charlie meets the silly red and blue unicorns and they journey to Candy Mountain. Charlie doesn't think there IS such a place - "Shun the non-believer!" Don't go in the cave, Charlie!
Charlie The Unicorn

Made by: gswanson17
Rating: 4.70
Views: 22490992
Comments: 59114
Category: Comedy

Nigahiga is the Number Three Most Subscribed YouTube Channel, according to the Top 100 Weekly Chart. These two Oriental young men have several "How to be" videos that each have millions of views. Watch this one and learn How to be Gangster, their most popular vid with almost 10 Million views!
How to be Gangster

Made by: nigahiga
Rating: 4.86
Views: 9742390
Comments: 43285
Category: Comedy

Smosh is another two-man videomaking team. They have been Number One Most Subscribed for many months, moving into that spot when LonelyGirl15 cooled off. With so many subscribers (over 340 Thosand!), each of their videos quickly gets over a million views. In this silly skit, Boxman gets a girlfriend. What will happen? "Humans and boxes don't intertwine!" Hmmm, is it the Montigues and Capulets all over again? Watch and see - almost 4 million people have so far!
Smosh - Boxman's Girlfriend

Made by: smosh
Rating: 4.78
Views: 3774097
Comments: 26653
Category: Comedy

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Friday, April 18, 2008


The Man Show

Here's four interesting videos from four YouTube guys. We'll see two music videos - one is a cover of a classic Sinatra song and the other is an original song about YouTube Stars! Then we'll hear from two of the "wise men" of YouTube as they talk about violence and morality in the online age.

First, some news! Our new widgets site,, is doing very well! The beautiful and talented juggler/comedian of YouTube, OlgaKay, just added our widget to her Homepage and her Blog. Go see! And get the Total Video Views widget for YOUR website too!

Marina - HotForWords (my new friend, see this post) - was on The O'Reilly Factor with Bill O'Reilly last Monday night! They talked about the origin of five words that Bill likes to use on his show. I was very happy to hear him mention how many Total Video Views Marina has received on YouTube! He got that data from our Total Video Views widget, which appears front and center on the website. Excellent appearance, Marina! And thanks, Bill O'Reilly for indirectly promoting our Total Video Views widget!

Did you notice that last week, our friend VenetianPrincess debuted at number 56 on the Top 100 Weekly Chart? WOW, that's amazing! Jodie went from just over 27 thousand subscribers on 4/6 to over 43 thousand on 4/13! (See her chart, here) She has been getting good press coverage in newspapers and on TV, and her latest parody vid about Hillary Clinton - Hillary, Be My Best Friend - has over 800 thousand views in its first 10 days. Congrats on your success, Jodie!

Here are two contests you should check out. The first is the Colgate Max Fresh Contest on MySpaceTV that Jennifer Newberry is in. Click here and vote for Jennifer! The second is the TotalPopStar contest with YouTube ladies Krista Nicole (KristaHeartzuz), Jessica Sanchez (JSanchezFan) and Rebecca Shearing (bexboop878) all in the Finals. Click here for more info!

Now, on with the show!

Smooth crooner Daniel Bonaire performs a great cover of a song originally done by Frank Sinatra. Daniel sings the song to his favorite female YouTubeStars. He includes pics of the ladies in his video. I'll be sure to mention some of them and their videos in future posts here on YouTubeStars! If you enjoy this song by Daniel, go watch his other music videos. He has 11 so far and they're all very good!
Way you Look Tonight: (cover) Daniel Bonaire

Made by: DanielBonaireMusic
Rating: 4.91
Views: 341
Comments: 27
Category: Music

YouTube comedian nerimon has made a parody music video with his own lyrics sung to the "Rock Star" melody from Nickleback. He sings, I'll be a YouTubeStar!" Well, now he is an official YouTubeStar, he's in our blog. :) Check out this popular video with almost 40 thousand views in its first week and a half.
YouTube Star

Made by: nerimon
Rating: 4.74
Views: 38738
Comments: 1091
Category: Music

PeriUrban has replied to another video that was about the Florida teens who jumped one of their teen girl friends, on his urbanblog channel. His point is that every generation thinks the younger generation is behaving badly compared to how their own generation used to be. But that's not true, and we shouldn't look back - Peri believes we should act charitably while working to create a better future. Peri and friends are working on a new site where people can express themselves in a responsible way. Let's see what they come up with!

Made by: urbanblog
Rating: 4.89
Views: 356
Comments: 26
Category: People & Blogs

Tom, tlg847, responded to the same video that Peri responded to. His thought is that our perspective is limited, we only see certain things at certain times. We don't realize that the world is actually getting more civilized over time. Despite the shocking headlines we see everyday, we are actually living in the safest most civilized moment in history. He references a talk by the brilliant Harvard Evolutionary Psycologist Steven Pinker, watch that video too!

Made by: tlg847
Rating: 4.86
Views: 812
Comments: 59
Category: People & Blogs

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Sunday, April 06, 2008


Four Unrelated Videos

There is no underlying theme to this post. I am just going to show you four unrelated videos. I think you'll find them to be interesting and entertaining! Two involve singing and two contain vlogging. Three are by women and one is by a man. They are all worth watching; other than that, there is no connection between them at all.

HotForWords Loves!First, some news. We have had a tremendous response to the new website,! Marina, HotForWords, is using our widget that shows how many Total Video Views her channel has received on both her Homepage and her Bio page. That is driving a lot of traffic to our site and now other people are downloading the code to put the widget on their websites. If you have a website that you use to promote your YouTube channel, you'll want to have this widget on YOUR site.

We are now working on widgets that you can offer to your fans. This widget will show a list of your most recent videos AND your most recent posts on your blog or website. If your fans put this widget on their websites, it will help to bring even more viewers to your videos and traffic to your websites. We'll announce this widget here and on If you have a need for a custom widget for your website, email us with the details and we'll see what we can do for you!

Another pice of YouTube News: The mileymandy channel debuted this week at the Number 23 spot, the highest debut on the Top 100 Weekly Chart EVER! Miley Cyrus, of course, is Hannah Montana so its easy to understand the popularity of this new channel!

Here's a video from Panacea81, a woman known for her Makeup tutorials. Lauren is 26 and lives in the UK. I first noticed her when she hit the Top 100 Weekly Chart. She was #99 on 3/23 and then she jumped 12 spots to number 87 on 3/30. She's up 5 to #82 this week. Lauren talks about bullies in real life and on YouTube, in this video. She also gives some bio info about herself and why she makes her Makeup vids. Watch this and then check out some of her Makeup tutorials on her YouTube channel.
My life & getting to know you. MERRY XMAS EVERYONE!

Made by: panacea81
Rating: 4.92
Views: 13073
Comments: 556
Category: People & Blogs

CreativeFisher is a singer with a hauntingly beautiful voice. Charlotte writes her own songs, then plays the music and sings them in her videos. She put up this song, Flickered, in another video that simply shows her playing and singing. This film is a stylish music video of the same tune. Enjoy the blue scenery and alluring clips of the attractive young lady we know as CreativeFisher.
Flickered Music Video by Char (original)

Made by: creativefisher
Rating: 4.71
Views: 165
Comments: 15
Category: Music

Blunty3000 talks about what to do to change the world. He urges you to talk about the things that are on your mind. Don't be shy or wait for someone else to say what you are thinking. Speak, before the thought police outlaw our freedom of expression. Blunty asked for video responses and got 48 so far!
Change the World? Yeah, right.

Made by: Blunty3000
Rating: 4.66
Views: 18831
Comments: 298
Category: Nonprofits & Activism

YouTube is about interaction. Here's an example of that. Young miss Cordayrox, just 14, sings along with a video made by DanJT87 of his cover of Rihanna's Umbrella. Dan sings on the original video and his brother plays acoustic guitar. Cordelia adds to the sound by harmonizing over the top of Dan's vocals and the result is very captivating! You'll also love Cordayrox Singing "Tattoo" by Jordin Sparks and if you want to know more about Cordelia, watch her Getting to Know YOU video.
Re: Me Singing "Umbrella" DanJT87 Acoustic

Made by: cordayrox
Rating: 4.75
Views: 15190
Comments: 238
Category: Music

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