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Diana Reviews, #2, Tutorials, Funny Kids, and More!

Hello, my YouTube friends! I hope you're having a great summer!

Here is another post by Guest Blogger, Diana. You can watch videos of Diana's Delightful Ducks & Dogs on her Channel, dianahottie78.


"Exploding Head - Sony Vegas Tutorial" by Richw4

If you can't tell I just love this man by now, well then come on read my reviews. Its time for another Sony Vegas Tutorial, I always get excited when he comes out with a new one. Not only do I learn how to do something new, he makes it fun, and puts links on the side bar for everything you need to make your videos work. I love this one. Little Rich teaches us how to make your head Explode, hehe. Learn how to do this neat trick and show all your friends. That's what I did, lol.

Exploding Head - Sony Vegas Tutorial

Watch this video on YouTube

Made by: richw4
Rating: 4.45
Views: 15102
Comments: 194
Category: Howto & Style

Thanks to Mattg124 for asking me to do this one.
Skill level: medium/advanced
Uses chroma keying and masking
You will need to download a couple of free clips from :

Exploding head:


They have a lot of free fx from smoke/debris to sparks/fire:

"Demon Face Vegas Tutorial" by Richw4

Little Rich again with an amazing Sony Vegas tutorial. I love this; I used his techniques on a video of my 12 year old nephew for his birthday -- he was talking about it for weeks. In this tutorial you are going to learn how to turn your face into a demon. I love the fact he takes time to explain the tutorial to you and how easy he makes it. I got it right my first try. No wonder he is one of my favorites!

Demon Face Vegas Tutorial

Watch this video on YouTube

Made by: richw4
Rating: 4.44
Views: 62318
Comments: 298
Category: Howto & Style

Here is one way to create a demon face. Not good if there is a lot of moving of the actor as you would have to key frame the masks.
You can also place the copied clip UNDERNEATH the main clip and mask out the mouth area on the main vid (it will give a better blend but you will struggle to to the eyes)

"Charlie bit my finger - again!" by HDCYT

Kids do the craziest things, haha! This video always makes me laugh. I keep asking myself every time I watch it, why would you put your finger back into his mouth? LOL You have got to see this video. The baby laughing is a riot. If I just had a bad day, I turn this on and I always get a good laugh. They are so cute, and well, being silly is a kid's job and they do it well.

Charlie bit my finger - again !

Watch this video on YouTube

Made by: HDCYT
Rating: 4.72
Views: 111451358
Comments: 210456
Category: Comedy

Even had I thought of trying to get my boys to do this I probably couldn't have, neither were coerced into any of this and neither were hurt (for very long anyway). This was just one of those moments where I had the video camera out because the boys were being fun, and they provided something really very funny.

"My dog is smarter than yours" by BorderCollie34

Okay, this is amazing, I adore this video. If you're an animal lover like me, you have got to see this. Wrigley is a 9 month old border collie, his master tells him to retrieves 16 of his toys by name and color and he does! I just love the way Wrigley's little head turns to the side as if he is listening and waiting for her to ask for something else. Amazing how smart animals are; she has lots of videos of Wrigley and his adorable tricks.

My dog is smarter than yours

Watch this video on YouTube

Made by: bordercollie34
Rating: 4.84
Views: 18314
Comments: 120
Category: Pets & Animals

Wrigley the 9 month old border collie retrieves 16 of his toys by name. Amazing!

"Dark Symphony Christine Feehan Book Trailer" by cosproductions

I adore reading, and this account by cosproductions has book trailers. I love book trailers and good ones are so hard to find. I am writing on the ones he does about the best selling author Christine Feehan's "Dark Series". I am a HUGE fan of Christine Feehan, and seeing these book trailers made me want to read the Dark Series all over again. Thank you cosproductions for having these all in one place. This book trailer is about the book, Dark Symphony, book 10 in this series. I read this book last year and then saw he had this video book synopsis and I had to see it. To see words you have read brought to life even if its only for a few minutes is awesome. This video has haunting music that I love, and I love the fact they look like real people. Lets face it, no one looks like the men in theses books. They are only in the author's and reader's minds.

Please read my Review of the Dark Series Books.

Dark Symphony Christine Feehan Book Trailer

Watch this video on YouTube

Made by: cosproductions
Rating: 5.00
Views: 11824
Comments: 13
Category: Entertainment

He is a dark hero. A vampire hunter. She has secrets of her own...secrets that could harm those she loves. Something is looking for her, but he has claimed her and will never let her go.
Vampires and shapeshifters, good vs. evil. A Christine Feehan novel-

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Monday, July 20, 2009


What is Garage Rock?

Garage Rock is a sub-genre of Rock that started in the 60s. When The Beatles hit the United States, every kid dreamt of starting a Rock Band and being the Next Big Thing! And by the time Man walked on the Moon, 40 years ago today, thousands of Garage Bands had come and gone, leaving behind some groovy tunes!

According to Garage Rock Radio Records:

If you enjoy the Beatles, Stones, Kinks, Who, Monkees, Animals, Doors, Beach Boys, Jefferson Airplane, Iron Butterfly and similar bands, you might like [Garage Rock].

According to Wikipedia:

"Garage rock is a raw form of rock and roll that was first popular in the United States and Canada from about 1963 to 1967... "Garage rock" comes from the perception that many such performers were young and amateurish, and often rehearsed in a family garage... Typical themes revolved around the traumas of high school life. The lyrics and delivery were notably more aggressive than was common at the time, often with growled or shouted vocals that dissolved into incoherent screaming... In the late 1990s, Steven Van Zandt ("Little Steven") became a torchbearer, spokesperson, and proponent for both garage rock and the garage rock revival... In 2002, he started a syndicated radio program called Little Steven's Underground Garage and has also launched an Underground Garage channel on the Sirius Satellite Radio network. Van Zandt has described the music format as "Groups that inspired the Ramones, groups inspired by the Ramones, and the Ramones."

I am a huge fan of Garage Rock! There are some great bands around today that play music inspired by 60s Garage Rock. Among the best are McFadden's Parachute and Lyndsey Price. Here are 2 videos of McFadden's Parachute recorded at a live performance, and one for Lyndsey Price's recent song about the quest to get a Garage Rock exhibit at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Enjoy!

For more real 1960s Garage Rock, visit

To learn more about McFadden's Parachute and Lyndsey Price, visit Garage Rock Radio Records.

After the videos are AmazonMP3 widgets with High Quality samples of the tracks from recent McFadden's Parachute and Lyndsey Price releases. Have a listen!

mcfadden's parachute

Watch this video on YouTube

Made by: visionacida
Rating: 5.00
Views: 222
Comments: 2
Category: Music

McFadden's Parachute He's A Genius

Watch this video on YouTube

Made by: dagwoodacid
Rating: 5.00
Views: 301
Comments: 1
Category: Travel & Events

david and goliath- lynne price

Watch this video on YouTube

Made by: Rokstar1106
Rating: 5.00
Views: 304
Comments: 3
Category: Music

check out

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Saturday, July 11, 2009


CelestialSam Writes About Aaron Weiss

Our favorite YouTube lip-synch sensation who has developed into an actor extraordinaire, Miss CelestialSam has provided this post to tell you all about Aaron Weiss, a musician and freegan. What's a freegan? Read on! Along with her aforementioned qualities, Sam is also a talented writer, and we're always happy to receive posts from her!

Be sure to watch Sam in her latest video, Clairiam (An original poem recitation). I love it; you will too!


How to Change the World

Aaron Weiss, lead singer of the little-known band, mewithoutYou was asked about the changes he'd like to see made in the world. He sincerely and humbly responds with a parable about contentment and how we can never really know what's good or what's bad. He also brings the abstract idea of world peace into perspective and asks, "What about the guy next to you? Do you have love for him?"
Aaron Weiss | Horse Story | State Your Change

Watch this video on YouTube

Made by: StateYourChange
Rating: 4.83
Views: 2195
Comments: 12
Category: Nonprofits & Activism


At the Invisible Children benefit concert at the Troubadour in Los Angeles, Causecast asks participating musicians for the changes they would like to see in the world. Aaron Weiss from mewithoutYou responds.

Have something to say? SAY IT!! Shoot and upload your own video to and tell us. The people have spoken: these are the changes we would like to see!

The Veggie Bus

Aaron Weiss runs his tour bus on 15-20 cents per gallon. How does he do this, you ask? Vegetable oil. When touring, he and his band, mewithoutYou, take restaurant's refuse vegetable oil for free. Aaron explains how his Veggie Bus burns cleaner on this renewable resource and limits dependence on foreign oil.
Aaron Weiss - Veggie Bus

Watch this video on YouTube

Made by: jamiemoffett
Rating: 5.00
Views: 5362
Comments: 21
Category: Nonprofits & Activism

Here's a clip of Aaron Weiss showing the mewithoutYou veggie tour bus. The full version & more is on the DVD: Another World is Possible Vol III - Creation. Co-directed by Shane Claiborne & Jamie Moffett Check it out at:


Aaron Weiss is a freegan, who practices what he preaches, eating discarded food and running his tour bus on waste vegetable oil. Freegans are, in a sense, anti-consumerists living alternative lifestyles that don't promote greed or fuel power hungry corporations. Aaron believes that in order to change the world, one must improve oneself first by setting an example to influence others.
Aaron Weiss(singer for mewithoutyou) interview

Watch this video on YouTube

Made by: mulletcore
Rating: 4.85
Views: 65223
Comments: 139
Category: Music

this is an interview with Aaron weiss from mewithoutyou

After seeing Aaron in person in Detroit on July 4th, I knew my respect and admiration for this virtuoso was not misplaced. In a world of hypocrisy, Weiss is a shining paradigm of virtue and selflessness. A glass can only spill what it contains; and from Aaron, pours an unparalleled zeal to serve God by glorifying Him with beautifully metaphorical lyrics that he shares with a world in dire need of lessons of morality and brotherly love.

The Fox, the Crow and the Cookie is one of mewithoutYou's such songs on the pitfalls of pride. View it exclusively here:

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Wednesday, July 08, 2009


Fun Summer Videos

How's your summer going so far? Been on vacation? Spending your time by the pool? Seen some good movies? I'll bet you've watched a ton of YouTube videos! Here are four fun summer videos you may have missed.

But first, The News! Michael Jackson may be gone but he's not forgotten. He may become more famous after death than when he was alive, much like Elvis Presley and Marilyn Monroe. Did you see the Memorial Special on TV yesterday? I did, many moving moments, especially at the end with Michael Jackson's 11 Year Old Daughter "Paris" Tearful Goodbye. Here's a link to some clips from the Michael Jackson Memorial program.

Michael Jackson is growing in popularity on YouTube too! Last week he entered the Top 100 Weekly Chart for the first time, and at number 39! This week, Michael Jackson moved up another 10 spots, with 63,495 new subscribers. How much will Michael Jackson move up next week? Be sure to check The Chart each week!

Be sure to watch the Featured Video on this week's YouTube Top 100 Weekly Chart - YouTrax Bunch - a parody of the Brady Bunch opening credits! This is an excellent video made by Michael Boyce on his tinkermusic and YouTraxTV Channels. Michael does interview videos with YouTubeStars like Krista Nicole, Tiffany Jo Allen, Alyssa Bernal, Angelica Vasilcov, Savannah Berry and many more!


Do you have pets? How'd that go for ya? Having pets is a responsibility if you want them to stay alive and thrive. It didn't work out so well for Alyssa. First the mice died, then she tried Cactus plants - should be easy to care for them, right? Umm, well, let's see how that went! :) Alyssa always makes fun videos, watch them all and subscribe!

Have you recently lost a pet? Here's an article on how to deal with it.
Are you in a Long Distance Relationship, like Alyssa? Here's
ideas on how to make it work!

nature hates me.

Watch this video on YouTube

Made by: UmLikeUhlyssa
Rating: 4.93
Views: 202
Comments: 33
Category: People & Blogs

R.I.P. Jane, you stupid jerk.

HayleyGHoover is one of the best young vloggers on YouTube! She is funny, creative, a good singer and actress. She's also a teenager, and teenagers have "a lot of angst!" So she's used to getting looks when she displays it, but now she's getting a different look. Why? Watch the video!
Pink Hair and Angst

Watch this video on YouTube

Made by: hayleyghoover
Rating: 4.91
Views: 18765
Comments: 437
Category: Comedy

I normally script my videos a day or two ahead of time, but this one was all done on the fly. Can you tell? Haha. :)

My blog:
My twitter:

Lucy is another great young vlogger. Here, she talks about two recently popular websites, "What the heck!?!? These websites are stupid!" But Lucy finds some funny posts on the sites. Watch and enjoy Lucy's insights!

Here's a new website that's definitely Not Stupid! TweetJunction is a place to post pics, videos, blogs and more - then Twitter them out with the Tweet It button!


Watch this video on YouTube

Made by: OMGitsLucy814
Rating: 4.23
Views: 754
Comments: 35
Category: People & Blogs

stupid websites:

Here's one from Last Summer. Alissa sings a song thats amusing right from the first chord. She tells you how to put a link in the YouTube description in the sidebar, and how to point to it! Just push Play, and enjoy!
Links in the Sidebar

Watch this video on YouTube

Made by: MissAlissa15
Rating: 4.84
Views: 2314
Comments: 97
Category: Music

An original song by Alissa (whoa, that's me!!)

It skips a bit in places, but whatever. You get the point.

You've got a friend,
You put inside your vid,
You better put their,
Link in the sidebar.

Show it to your fans,
Point to the link in the sidebar.
It's never where you,
Think it is.
Damn you, link in the sidebar.

But here's a trick:
Don't wanna look like a n00b
It's really quite simple...

You put your right hand in,
You put your finger out
Point to your left shoulder
Sure it feels a little weird at first
But pointing to the wrong side is epically worse

You'll see when you edit
You're a true youtube win
Impressing your viewers,

And you can remember when you're filming.
You'll never go wrong,
And if you forget,
Well you can sing this little song.


Links in the sidebar,
Are not only for your friends,
Give credit to your music,
Or your youtube career will end.

Next time you see someone do it,
And it's an epic fail,
Just L.I.T.S me,
And I will spin them this little tale.


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Thursday, July 02, 2009


Guest Blogger, Diana

Hello, my YouTube friends! Here is a post by Guest Blogger, Diana. You can watch videos of Diana's Delightful Ducks & Dogs on her Channel, dianahottie78.


Style: Beauty
Joined: June 28, 2007
Subscribers: 233,997
Channel Views: 6,803,416

This ones for the girls, Makeup tutorials done by Panacea81 (Lauren, age 27, United Kingdom). Amazing woman with such talent in making it easy for us to put on crazy beautiful and Popular styles of makeup. In this video learn how to get the look
of Kylie Minogue from the video In my arms. Lauren tells you what makeup she used and how to put it on. Awesome how easy she makes it. If you are an expert or a beginner in makeup your going to love this Video from panacea81. She also has her own line of makeup kits, you can check them out here:

KYLIE MINOGUE~IN MY ARMS~ Make up tutorial lesson inspired look
Watch this video on YouTube

Made by: panacea81
Rating: 4.72
Views: 885698
Comments: 5482
Category: Howto & Style

Hia everyone,

Come and join our makeup community on facebook.
Become a fan, send in your pictures or place your requested looks :)

Thanks for all the requests for this look. It was fun yet a little embarrassing to do as I am not exactly a fab canvas to put such a look on but all in all I am happy with the outcome.
The products used are:
MAC shadestick~beige ing
MAC pigment~ chartreuse
MAC pigment blue rebelrock
MAC pigment pink matte
MAC pigment landscape green matte
Paula dorf 2+1 eye brow for brunettes
MAC lipstick~ melt down
MAC cream colour base~ devlish orange
MAC mascara x black
MAC blush honour

I realy hope you enjoy this look :)

Take care and thanks for watching, subscribing and just being fab!

Zoom zoom!

Style: Sketch
Joined: December 09, 2006
Subscribers: 10,318
Channel Views: 180,984

Richw4 (also known as Little Rich) does comedy shows by using a little Movie magic with his Sony Vegas studio pro 8. Do you use Sony Vegas studio pro 8? He not only does funny sketches he shows you in his tutorials how these little movie magics Are done. He is amazing and I went out and got Sony Vegas pro 8 just to do some of the Awesome things he teaches you. Have a look. His short movies clip called Horrifying Ghost footage can be seen here:

Horrifying Ghost not watch if easily scared! seriously
Watch this video on YouTube

Made by: richw4
Rating: 3.85
Views: 192144
Comments: 1004
Category: Science & Technology

Since the last video I made
of the ghostly and spooky goings on in our house, things just got a whole lot scarier. Here is the vid where I caught the ghost and activities on camera.
Thanks to Steve:

Here he teaches you how to do one of the tricks in the video. Ghostly Poltergeist effect...Sony Vegas Tutorial:

Ghostly Poltergeist effect...Sony Vegas Tutorial
Watch this video on YouTube

Made by: richw4
Rating: 4.60
Views: 28561
Comments: 193
Category: Howto & Style

check out the playlist on my channel for previous Tutorials if you like.
Following an number of requests on how I did a 'levitating' bottle in a recent video, here is a tutorial to show how it is done.
The sound of the bottle hitting the camera in the original video was simply recorded separately and added into the video. I also 'shook' the camera to make it look like the bottle had hit it. This tutorial is just to give you the basic idea and the techniques are really useful, I used it recently in a video 'Hide n Seek' to throw a book accross a split screen:

Style: Sketch
Joined: May 08, 2007
Subscribers: 35,167
Channel Views: 711,320

You ready for a good laugh? A silly girl who makes you just want smile. Sit back relax and smile. rhondaanthonytanner
(Brittani Taylor City: Los Angeles) Brittani Taylor plays a character named Rhonda Anthony Tanner (R.A.T for short) In these video Sketches, R.A.T. Is a cupcake obsessed clueless life coach, her words :0) Brittani is the kind of girl who just likes to see you smile, and does not mind looking funny while doing it. Here is video one:

R.A.T. Cupcake Love
Watch this video on YouTube

Made by: rhondaanthonytanner
Rating: 4.19
Views: 27530
Comments: 479
Category: Comedy

Cupcakes are a beyond huge part of my therapy and my life and stuff, they are my sugary miracles, and like I want to talk about my favorite thing to like eat and how to eat them and why eat them and stuff, get ready to get messy--Sending Sparkly sprinkly sprinkle wishy wishes--Rhonda Anthony Tanner/R.A.T. Coaching

More Advice and stuff at:

Style: Sketch
Joined: February 03, 2008
Subscribers: 18,820
Channel Views: 239,234

DecimalBrothers in When Annotations Go Bad. Some friends of mine told me to check out this video and am I glad that I did. I subscribed as soon as it was over, funny sketch, great imagination. Perfect for anyone looking to unwind and have a good laugh!

When Annotations Go Bad
Watch this video on YouTube

Made by: DecimalBrothers
Rating: 4.93
Views: 46860
Comments: 403
Category: Film & Animation

If the annotations are not working, try refreshing the page or watching it in a different quality.

Btw, you can now follow us on twitter!

Style: Magic
Joined: September 24, 2006
Subscribers: 65,001
Channel Views: 1,975,087

Edbassmaster takes his goofy sketch to Lowes where he pretends to work for the Men in Black (MIB) talking to real employees about the 1000's of aliens in the country and how most work at Lowes
very cute and great sports about the whole thing.

Men In Black
Watch this video on YouTube

Made by: edbassmaster
Rating: 4.87
Views: 252342
Comments: 2187
Category: Comedy

I went to Lowes, Wal-Mart, and Target in search of aliens.

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