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Cree Ingles Idol Search Season 6

Cree Ingles has been doing an "American Idol" type of Star Search right here on YouTube, and it's now in Season 6! Read the rules of the contest, here. Our guest blogger, Diana (picture at left), is back with a nice review of videos by 3 of the contestants. Have a look at Diana's channel, it is dianahottie78.

After Diana's 3 video reviews, I'll do one for a person that I think just might win Season 6 of Idol Search. :)


Cree Ingles Idol Search Season 6-RD 3 Harden my Heart
by Quarterflash from Vision Quest

Wonderful voice! I found this very powerful and moving. You can tell flamingopink111 knows what she is doing and she likes it. I have to say I like it too. You go girl! It’s not very often you can hear a voice over the music and it sound good too, but this girl I must say rocks it. At some points it almost sounds like she is singing without music at all. Amazing and so well put together. Flamingopink111 is singing Harden my heart by Quarterflash. This was a massive hit in 1981 and was said to be a half-rock/half-synth pop hybrid. Now come on let’s hear this girl sing!
Cree Ingles Idol Search Season 6-RD 3 Harden my Heart by Quarterflash from Vision Quest

Watch this video on YouTube

Made by: flamingopink111
Rating: 4.75
Views: 165
Comments: 15
Category: Music

Hope you enjoy!

Note: I am wet on purpose as I just came in from "cryin' in the rain"

*I apologize for the lengthy (slightly boring) instrumental interlude near the end...dancing just didn't seem appropriate for this song...

Wind beneath My Wings- C.I's Idol Search Season 6, Rd 3

This amazingly talented 17 year old is singing a Bette Midler Cover from the movie Beaches, Wing beneath my wings. Lily, soon to be a high school senior, has a bright future ahead of her in music. I enjoyed the passion she has in her face and voice as she sings. I also like the fact she sings in a room full of great acoustics so her voice will have a slight echo and reverb. She has a beautiful upper register and can hit the lower notes without much problem. She shows promise and I look forward to hearing more of what she is going to do and be in the future.
Wind Beneath My Wings- C.I's Idol Search Season 6, Rd 3

Watch this video on YouTube

Made by: LilysMusics
Rating: 3.95
Views: 138
Comments: 12
Category: Music

Bette Midler Cover, from the movie Beaches, sung for Cree Ingles Idol Search Season Six, Round Three. I love this song & it means a lot to me so I hope you enjoy it.

Peter DiLorenzo - Idol Search Season 6 [Round Three] - "Grow For Me" from
Little Shop of Horrors

Peter is doing the song "Grow For Me" from the classic 1986 movie, "Little Shop of Horrors." In the movie, it is sung by Rick Moranis who plays the part of Seymour Krelborn. This was wonderful, not only the singing but the acting. Perfect, entertaining and fun to watch. I can see Peter not only as a singer but maybe as an actor! Broadway? What do you think? How much fun is it to find everyday people who have so much talent? I just love YouTube, don’t you?
Peter DiLorenzo - Idol Search Season 6 [Round Three] - "Grow For Me" from Little Shop of Horrors

Watch this video on YouTube

Made by: PeterJDiLorenzo
Rating: 4.68
Views: 207
Comments: 24
Category: Music

Entry for round three of Creeingles Idol Search Season 6.

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Okay, it's "Kenny" again, great job Diana! To answer your question, YES, I love YouTube! :) And I love the contestants in this season of Idol Search! Diana picked out three fabulous singers. Now, here's who I am rooting for!

Danielle Hatfield, or Danni as her friends call her, is 18 and just graduated High School. Her YouTube profile says she "really love singing, dancing, acting and motocross!!!" I can tell that she loves singing and dancing, it's evident by watching her videos. I think she has a dynamic stage presence and I really enjoy watching her here on YouTube. Good Luck, Danni, I hope you win!!! :)

Follow Danni on Twitter - www.twitter.com/dannih7
Visit Danni's website and see her beautiful photos!

Here is a video Danni did 3 weeks ago. It's an excellent cover of Amy Winehouse's hit, "Rehab." Look at Danni's style and attitude! I love her head movements, facial expressions and eyebrow raises! Danni has a great voice and it shines in this performance, enjoy!!!
Me Singing Rehab by Amy Winehouse

Watch this video on YouTube

Made by: daniellehatfield
Rating: 4.11
Views: 302
Comments: 7
Category: Music

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Hope you enjoy! :)
Thank you for watching :P
I also go new bangs =)

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Here is Danni's latest video entry for Idol Search. Check out her dance moves! The music is very low behind Danni's singing, and contestants are not able to add any reverb or electronic modification to their vocals, so it's almost like an a capella track. I think Danni sang this very well, its strong and raw, like a pop rock song should be!
Cree Ingles Idol Search Season 6 Round 3 - Me singing "We Are Not Alone" by Karla Devito

Watch this video on YouTube

Made by: daniellehatfield
Rating: 4.50
Views: 280
Comments: 13
Category: Music

Me singing "We Are Not Alone" by Karla Devito for Cree Ingles Idol Search Season six round 3.
My song was chosen from the Breakfast Club Soundtrack. Hope you enjoy!

I chose this song because it is a hard song to sing, and I wanted a challenge for idol search, and I liked this song :). I had alot of trouble with this, but i still had alot of fun. I also can't really say the word sensation haha...if you couldnt tell :)
I couldn't find an instrumental for this song and neither could chubba; so my bf had to make one for me!

P.S. I accidentally uploaded the wrong take... i had a better one but its 2 late ..this one will have to do...sorry about that :/ (the other video was also in black and white)

Thanks to:
Nick for making my instrumental!! Also for helping me make my video!
Chubba for looking for an instrumental!
Karla for letting me know what she wore in her concerts during that time, and for making this song :)
My mom for letting me use her jacket from the 80s :D

Thanks :D

Follow me on twitter: http://www.twitter.com/dannih7
Karla Devito's Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/karladevito

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Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Children use Web to watch videos, look up sex and porn

Hello YouTubers!

This post is directed to the parents out there, or people with young brothers or sisters. We all love YouTube, but there are many videos there that are not appropriate for young children. I have written about this in my two popular articles:

Sex on YouTube - A Parent's Guide

Sex and Porn on YouTube - A Guide For Parents

I just read this news release today which starts with the headline:

Children use Web to watch videos, look up "sex"

It talks about a study of the top 100 search terms used by youngsters to find items online. As YouTube fans like us might expect, YouTube was the top search term! The ninth most popular search term was "Fred" - the most subscribed YouTuber - as we all know by looking at the Top 100 Weekly Chart.

But the words "sex" and "porn" were also it the top 10, at number four and six respectively. The news article says:

California-based Symantec's Internet safety advocate Marian Merritt said the list showed that parents needed to be aware what their children were doing online.

"It also helps identify "teachable moments" when parents should be talking with their kids about appropriate online behavior and other issues in their kids' online lives," she said in a statement

If you are a parent or a concerned older brother or sister, you may want to read my two articles so that you are educated about the situation. Make your own decisions, based on your research, about what level of YouTube access you want to provide to your children.

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Thursday, August 06, 2009


151 Funny Jokes!

Here are 151 very funny jokes, spread over 3 four-minute videos, by the vlogbrothers. Hank and John Green are brother nerdfighters who keep in touch with each other via their YouTube channel - which is about to have 100 Thousand subscribers! Visit their website and subscribe to their YouTube channel!

50 Jokes (Yes...actually 50 jokes)

Watch this video on YouTube

Made by: vlogbrothers
Rating: 4.70
Views: 718425
Comments: 8884
Category: Comedy

In which Hank tells 50 jokes in four minutes. It was not easy...let me tell you...

51 Jokes (in Four Minutes)

Watch this video on YouTube

Made by: vlogbrothers
Rating: 4.63
Views: 1085953
Comments: 11720
Category: Comedy

How many jokes can you tell in four minutes? It's hard to squeeze 'em in, but here Hank is telling 51 jokes (all submitted by nerdfighters) in less than four minutes. Hank's cd SO JOKES: http://www.dftba.com


Watch this video on YouTube

Made by: vlogbrothers
Rating: 4.90
Views: 83761
Comments: 2301
Category: Comedy

In which Hank tells jokes, a lot of them, in as little time as possible.

Also...I'm living in a hotel room.

Here's a bonus video - the latest one from the vlogbrothers. It's about Rob Pattinson, the actor who plays Edward Cullen in the movie "Twilight" - the first movie from the 4-part Twilight Book series by Stepheinie Meyer.
(See what people are Twittering about Twilight!)
Robert Pattinson and DJ Railstone

Watch this video on YouTube

Made by: vlogbrothers
Rating: 4.96
Views: 302
Comments: 401
Category: Entertainment

More about DJ Paige:
Bio for playing 20Q: http://bit.ly/LPuJa
Web site: http://www.paigerailstone.com
Fan pages: http://bit.ly/XGc8m and http://bit.ly/sHnZP

Thanks to Alan (http://www.youtube.com/fallofautumndistro), Karen (http://www.youtube.com/xperpetualmotion), Paige (http://www.youtube.com/hopeonatenspeed) and all the nerdfighters who helped make up DJ Paige.

Now it falls to all of us to make her real. (Or not.)

In which John wonders to what extent Twilight star and megahunk Robert Pattinson, aka R Pattz, is real--and also explores the surprising similarities between Holden Caulfield and Flava Flav.

Twitter Twilight
Want the latest info on Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse and Breaking Dawn? Visit TwitterTwilight and learn what people are tweeting about the Twilight Books, Movies and the Stars of the Movies! Check out TwitterTwilight, it shows all the latest Twitter Tweets about everything Twilight! The site also has Twilight Video clips, the latest Twilight News, links and more!

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