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Dance For Me - Dancing With The Teens

A few nights ago, I watched an excellent Documentary on PBS for the second time. "Dance For Me" is the story of 15 year old Egor Kondratenko, a competitive Ballroom dancer from Russia, and the major relationships he has in his life as he starts to build his dancing career. Egor has moved by himself to Denmark where he is living with the family of 14 year old Mie Lincke Funch, his current dance partner. Egor is the only child of Angelika who is also a talented dancer. Mie is the only child of Sanne who acts as the mother figure for both teens. Egor and Mie have formed a sibling type of relationship although the kind of dances they do require some degree of Chemistry to "work".

Egor has a very close relationship with his mom and they visit often via Skype, but still miss each other, although Angelika expresses it more, as can be expected. His father is a Russian soldier and Egor considers him his role model. Egor tries to be strong like his dad, and lively and artistic like his mom, all while transitioning from boyhood to manhood while living in another country wth another family and juggling the time demands of school and dance practice.

Mie is somewhat like Egor's mom, in that she expresses her feelings openly. Egor is more reserved and keeps things to himself. Together they try to find the best way to compete and win in several tournaments, and they do have great success. These two different people come together in difficult circumstances to blend steadfast dedication and long hours of practice with passion for their joyful movements as they assume their roles as dance partners.

I highly recommend this documentary to anyone of any age, especially for fans of Dancing With The Stars. You will gain an appreciation for what it takes to become a champion at your craft. Although the setting of the movie is dance competition, the relationship of the real life characters will draw you in and have you rooting for them to succeed on and off the dance floor! Remember, this is a documentary about real people, the best form of reality television. Watch the trailer, below. Then watch the full film at PBS until August 20th. Or purchase the film at using the link to the left. For more information on the film and the teen dancers, check out the PBS site for this excellent documentary, and see who each dancer is dancing for.

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