Monday, October 09, 2006


Renetto interviews FilthyWhore and Boh3m3.

Renetto, real name Paul Robinett, is a 39-year-old Ohio man who has been making YouTube videos for the last few months. He started out by doing "Renetto Reviews" videos. These were a series of funny commentaries on videos made by popular YouTubers. Paul used a goofy voice which was remenicient of Bill Murry's "CaddyShack" character. We wore black thick-framed glasses (which he says he always wears), donned iPod earphones and stuck a toothpick in his upper lip to look like the part he was playing. His videos did well, but it was only after he "Came Out" that his numbers really started to climb. Paul is currently the Number 10 Most Subscribed YouTube Member of All-Time.

Paul has done quite a lot for the YouTube community. He has made videos such as Who are you....Who, Who...Who, Who in which he discusses the community aspect of YouTube and encourages everyone to make a video about who they are. There have been 344 video responses to date! He has given away 100 webcams to people who don't have one (see the results here), and most recently, he made a video in support of the Stand Up Against Poverty cause, see

I'm going to show one video of the transition from Renetto the reviewer to Renetto the YouTube community advocate. Then, I'll include the interviews of FilthyWhore at a Chili's in Pennsylvania and of Boh3m3 at the Pittsburgh airport.

Renetto is ....out of the CLOSET....I can't believe he's....

If you can't see the video above, watch it at YouTube.

FilthyWhore EXPOSED at Chilli's! (Part 1)

If you can't see the video above, watch it at YouTube.

Part Two has been removed.....

Renetto, Boh3m3 and CNBC... EXPOSED!

If you can't see the video above, watch it at YouTube.

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uh no. take a peak at encyclopediadramatica's page then say that he's "great". jesus.

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