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YouTubeStars News 11-01-06

You all know that YouTube was recently purchased by Google and you know that Lonelygirl15 is a character played by actress Jessica Rose. But did you know that the LG15 team has added a new character to their story? Did you know that Morbeck is undergoing treatment in a mental hospital? Have you heard that MysteryGuitarMan's YouTube account has been hacked? Read on for more!

Nut Kills Man
On October 19th, Gemmers19, also known as "Gemma in London", made her first video in which she addressed Lonelygirl15 as "Bree". In this video, she claims that she knows Bree and that her parents still live in the "community" - the religious community or cult that Bree is currently in. Since "Bree" is a fictional character played by Jessica Rose, Gemma must also be a fictional character. In fact, photos have shown up online that show Jessica and the girl who plays Gemma, together. Gemma is in L.A. with Jessica and not in London, as her character states in her videos. Since this first video was made, Gemma has made 3 others in which she sends messages and advice to Bree. Bree has responded to Gemma in her own videos. The story continues! People are still watching the Lonelygirl15 saga - Gemma has over 6000 subscribers already and Lonelygirl15 recently topped 55 thousand subscribers! Let's watch Gemma's debut video:

If you can't see the video above, watch it on YouTube.

This ones for morbeck
LittleLoca is still going strong! She makes one or two entertaining videos a week. Lately we've seen her with Silent Girl (her boyfriend was attacked), Sammy (he came out) and even Crispin Glover - George McFly in "Back to the Future". LittleLoca was recently featured in an article in New Yorker magazine, superbly written by Ben McGrath (video about the photoshoot for the article, here). I spoke to Ben on the phone about YouTube; he is a good guy. Read the article - it is very informative and interesting!

Today, Loca uploaded a video to wish us all a Happy Halloween, and to report the news of Morbeck's situation to those who had not yet heard about it:

if you can't see the video above, watch it on YouTube.

Just to say hi...
Morbeck, the 26-year-old Brazilian man who often makes videos dressed as female characters, is getting better but he is still in treatment for a Bipolar condition. This is a video that was shot by his friend Belatrix. She was able to film Morbeck on the grounds of the hospital where he is being treated. For more information, also see his previous video about his break from the clinic.

If you can't see the video above, watch it on YouTube.

My account was hacked!! (MysteryGuitarMan)
Popular YouTuber and YouTubeTalk member MysteryGuitarMan reported tonight on a new account (RealMGM) that his MysteryGuitarMan account had been hacked. There is presently only one new video on the original MysteryGuitarMan account - apparently made by the hackers - and it warns Katers17 (read about her, here) and NoHoGirls (the popular North Hollywood Girls) that they are attempting to hack into their accounts as well. Let's hope that YouTube is able to restore MysteryGuitarMan's account and catch the hackers!

If you can't see the video above, watch it on YouTube.

Hacker Update
MGM has gotten his account back! He has made a video that explains what happened:

If you can't see the video above, watch it on YouTube.

I contacted MGM and asked him two further questions - How did you found out that your "friend" was the hacker? Also, I assume he has no real plans to try to hack Katers17 or NoHoGirls?

MGM's answers - I found out because of the YouTubeTalk admins. Someone posted hateful comments about me (and a whole bunch of other people) in the forums once and got his IP banned. They sent me an email explaining that he was trying to log into my YouTubeTalk account too but couldn't since he was banned.

He had gotten my password from when I logged into my YouTube account from his house. So, no... he didn't run the brute force script: Katers and the NoHoGirls are safe :-P

For more News, please read out last news post. Thanks!


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