Tuesday, December 18, 2007


Christmas Song and Dance

One week to Christmas, are you ready??? Take a few minutes out of your hectic day and watch some YouTube Christmas videos! They are sure to put a smile on your face. :)

First, let's have a look at this week's Most Subscribed Chart. In positions 1 through 20, JamesNintendo Nerd, WhatTheBuckShow, AshleyTisdale (Ashley Tisdale is an actress from Disney's Nigh School Musical), and DaxFlame have all moved up one spot. WilliamSled, LinkinParkTV (videos by Linkin Park rock band), and GayGod all fell back one spot.

Big movers this week include SonyBMG, up 5 to number 60, and MondoMedia, up 6 to number 53. New to the chart this week are comic PatCondell at the number 89 spot, and UK vlogger charlieissocoollike debuting at number 98. LonelyGirl15, long at the number one spot, hangs on to the number 4 position even after months of slight drops in subscribers each week. Have a look at LonelyGirl15's Subscriber History. With a negative trend like that, LG15 will soon trade places with HappySlip or maybe even KevJumba or MiaARose who all continue to add subscribers steadily.

Now, on to the Christmas videos! We'll see two singing videos and two dancing videos by some of the nicest ladies on YouTube! Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!

my "Silent Night"carol Music Video (LOL)

Made by: AngelicaV1
Rating: 4.89
Views: 1036
Comments: 67
Category: Music
Angelica says, "I went up in the mountains in Romania to record this music video with a good friend of mine...and we had a lot of fun making it... " Enjoy the heavenly singing of this talented woman as you are treated to views of wonderful Winter scenery.

Christmas Songs - I'm Gonna Lasso Santa Claus (Brenda Lee)

Made by: TiffanyJoAllen
Rating: 4.55
Views: 2923
Comments: 192
Category: Music
15-year-old sweetie Tiffany Jo Allen does a fun and adorable cover of an old Christmas country tune! Have you subscribed to Tiffany Jo yet? Everyone loves her countrified covers of pop songs "Umbrella" and "No One," each viewed over a Quarter Million times! Look at Tiffany Jo's rocketing Subscriber numbers:
12/16/2007: 4024
12/09/2007: 3327
12/02/2007: 2766
11/25/2007: 2264
11/18/2007: 1677
11/11/2007: 1156
11/04/2007: 646
10/28/2007: 356

For: You - Happy Merry dance

Made by: artemisbell
Rating: 5.00
Views: 170
Comments: 11
Category: Entertainment
I told you recently about superdancer artemisbell. Diana usually doesn't allow embedding of her vids but this time, she did! Check out the zest and energy she sends out in this fun clip!

Santa Baby

Made by: Darahgna
Rating: 3.62
Views: 29141
Comments: 114
Category: Music
Here's one of my all-time favorite YouTubers, Daragna, dancing and lipsynching to "Santa Baby!" 17-year-old Welsh YouTubeStar Angharad John uploaded this video last Christmas. It's still one of my favorite videos!

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Wednesday, December 12, 2007


Good News, Bad News

First, the good news. YouTube has expanded their Partner Program. This means that more people will be able to make money from ads that will run in and next to their videos. YouTube ran a pilot Partner Program earlier this year and asked about 100 people if they wanted to be in it. Now, they are ready to admit many more. The rules state that you may be made a partner if you have lots of subscribers and video views and you adhere to YouTube's Terms of Use. How much money can you make? No one is talking because Partners have to sign a non-disclosure document. It has been rumored that partners are paid around 10 cents per thousand views - that's $100 for a million views. If you want to find out for sure what the pay rate is, apply for the Partner Program. If you're chosen to join, you'll find out about the earning potential. Good Luck!

To learn more about the partners program, watch the following video from YouTube's own channel. Also, read this article and have a look at YouTube's blog entry on the partner expansion.

Partner Program Expands

Made by: YouTube
Rating: 4.44
Views: 14554
Comments: 62
Category: People & Blogs

The bad news is that there are signs that YouTube is still unable to administer its system fairly. There are continued reports of people having their accounts suspended for little to no reason, while others who are banned multiple times for good cause are still able to keep coming back. People are still able to artificially inflate their video views, and the thumbs up/down system has been abused. Mikma, a YouTuber whose trademark catchphrase comment is "Mikma was here" has recently had all of his comments deleted by YouTube. All this has many people wondering if YouTube can fairly administer their Partner Program. Time will tell, we'll have to wait and see how it goes. Here are two videos, from Tom (tlg847) - a member of the new YouTube Council, and long time YouTubeStar Paperlilies, about the Mikma mess.


Made by: tlg847
Rating: 4.97
Views: 1196
Comments: 103
Category: People & Blogs


Made by: Paperlilies
Rating: 4.40
Views: 92284
Comments: 2003
Category: Nonprofits & Activism

More bad news, from the American heartland. There was a mall shooting recently in Omaha Nebraska. YouTuber FairyPixie lives there. She made a heartfelt video about the tragedy. She made the point that kindness is contagious and we should be nice to each other. Maybe a kind act could be just the thing to keep someone on the edge from doing something terrible. Watch the video, FairyPixie expresses this thought much better than I can!

Be Nice

Made by: fairypixie
Rating: 4.00
Views: 340
Comments: 7
Category: News & Politics

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Wednesday, December 05, 2007


Jennifer Newberry Interview

Jennifer Newberry headshot
It's been a while since we've interviewed a YouTube member. But we're going to do interviews regularly now, starting with this discussion with the beautiful and talented singer - Jennifer Newberry. Jennifer's YouTube channel is jennifernew21. She is a young woman with blond hair and stunning blue eyes who was born in Alabama, grew up in her mother's home country of Sweden, spent some time in New York City, and now lives in Seattle Washington. Jennfer currently has 64 videos on her channel, most are music videos of R&B cover songs. There are also videos of Jen's original songs. She has written, co-written and produced over 35 songs so far.

Now, here is our interview with Jennifer Newberry.

Hi, Jennifer! Thanks for agreeing to this interview. You have a great voice! How long have you been singing?
As long as I can remember, my mother was a singer so I was always around music. I performed the first time when I was 5 years old, it was at one of my mother's performances.

Who is your favorite singer?
My favorite singer is the female Swedish singer "Robyn" she has a deep meaning to her music and I love the way she sings. Christina Aguilera is also one of my favorite artists.

How did you first hear about YouTube?
Through a friend of a friend. He thought that it could help my career to become a successful singer/performer.

What made you decide to put videos up on YouTube?
When I knew that it was a way to be creative and to show people and let them know who I am. I'm not banking on YT to make my career but I am at least trying to channel my music.

What's the best thing you've put up, do you think?
hmm, I'm not sure. I'm very critical of my own stuff but if I have to choose I really love the video "New York New York I'm gonna have To Say Goodbye" because there are some fun footage of my last week living in NY and it's special to have as a visual memory.

You have become a very popular singer on YouTube. Could you please comment on why you think you are so popular and how you feel about it?
I'm not sure to be honest, I think that the songs have a lot to do with it. If it's a song that a lot of people like, it gets more hits and if they happened to like what they hear, they subscribe. :)

How have your friends and family reacted to your videos?
My family and friends are really supportive of my videos. In the beginning, I had a few videos where I used some bad language but I cleaned up and try to set a good example now.

How do you like working with other videomakers, like Wouter Hamel and Jeff Williams, and do you plan to do more collaborations in the future?
The Wounter Hamel was really exciting. I have gotten messages from people that have seen the video on MTV all the way over in the Netherlands. How cool is that! It's allot of fun to collaborate with people and I will diffidently do it in the future I have some projects going on right now actually so we'll see how that turns out.

Are you on any other websites besides YouTube?
Yes I am. First of all, I have my own official website jennifernewberry.com then of course myspace.com/jennifernewberry. I also have a page where I sell my music on cdbaby.com/jenmusic/cd and a page where I promote my music sellaband.com/jennifernewberry

Jennifer Newberry on SellaBand

What else do you like to do in your free time, besides making videos?
Like to be lazy and watch TV, listen to music, walk my dog.. you know normal stuff *smile*

If you could do it all over again, is there anything about your experiences with YouTube that you would change?
Not really, everything has a learning process and it's necessary to go through them to be able to better your self.

What are your plans for the future?
I would like to record another album so I'm working on some new music. :)

Don't Stop The Music - Jennifer Newberry (By Request)

Made by: jennifernew21
Rating: 4.62
Views: 8077
Comments: 180
Category: Music

I'm Getting Over You (Original) - Jennifer Newberry

Made by: jennifernew21
Rating: 4.69
Views: 2274
Comments: 44
Category: Music

Please click this link for a list of other YouTubeStars posts about Jennifer Newberry.

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